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Quality Microwave Ovens for Your Sleek Modular Kitchen

Opting for a microwave oven can be a very smart decision that can help you improve your efficiency in the kitchen, and try your hand at exotic dishes from a wide range of cuisines from the comforts of your home.

However, installing the oven in a compact kitchen where space is scarce is a major impediment in utilizing this functional kitchen equipment. This is where opting for a built-in microwave oven can prove to be a smart decision. Read ahead for an overview of three quality options that you can consider for your modular kitchen.

Keith Modular Kitchen Oven

Keith Modular Kitchen Oven

Keith Modular Kitchen Oven

 This built-in 28 L oven is a microwave-cum-grill with a unique steam function that frees you from the compulsion of steaming dishes on the stove or the hotplate.  With five power levels, a 1100W grill, an auto menu, a digital timer, and a child-safety lock, this classy and stylish oven will be a great addition to your Sleek modular kitchen.

Costing Rs. 39,800, this compact oven is easy to use and maintain. The dial and button on the right allow you to choose the right setting, while cleaning the outer surface with a damp cloth is more than enough to ensure it retains its shine at all times. Simply boiling a lemon and following it up with a quick wipe would be enough to get rid of stains and odors on the inside.

Casper Microwave Oven

Casper Modular Kitchen Oven

Casper Modular Kitchen Oven

 As compared to the 60 cm Keith oven, the Casper oven is a part of high-end kitchen products that offer great value for sleek kitchen price despite having a hefty price tag of Rs. 78,000. With a capacity of 75L, the multifunction oven has an inbuilt rotisserie, airflow cooling system, and time-integrated electronic control feature. With nine inbuilt functions, you can easily manage routine meals as well as feasts for parties with this inbuilt oven in your modular kitchen.

Despite its size, the oven does not occupy a lot of space, and is easy to maintain. Once fitted into its slot, only the double-glazed door needs to be wiped clean. Keeping the interiors clean is not a difficult task as even a moist wipe can be used to get rid of stains once the oven has cooled after use.

Gavino Small Modular Kitchen Oven

Gavino Small Modular Kitchen Oven

Gavino Small Modular Kitchen Oven

 Opting for Sleek modular kitchen accessories like the Gavino oven will help you enjoy the functionality of an oven and grill without spoiling the aesthetics of your kitchen. This 60 cm convection oven has a capacity of 28L. With features similar to Keith, Gavino comes at a lower price tag of Rs. 31,600 with a more-powerful 900W oven and 1200W grill.

Five power levels, an inbuilt signal indicating end of cooking, and a push button door for easy access are some of the attractive features of this oven.

Compact and stylish, these inbuilt ovens are energy-efficiency devices that allow you an extra cooking option even in a kitchen where space is a premium commodity. Instead of unwieldy installations that spoil the décor, opt for functional ovens that can be fitted right into the slot in your modular kitchen.

Choose the Perfect Hob for Your Kitchen

Purchasing the right hob can do wonders to the looks of your kitchen. It can make cooking pleasant and also add to the visual elements. Choosing the right hob brings ease and convenience into cooking and gives you that confidence for your culinary aspirations.  Here are some tips to help you pick out the right hobs for your kitchen:

  • Number of Burners

Hobs come in different sizes in terms of the number of the burners.  The number of burners you choose will depend on how often you cook. A three burner hob is suitable for those who cook seldom in small quantities. You can go for a hob with more and bigger burners if you cook frequently especially for a large number of people.

  • Do I Need Any Extra Equipment for Lighting the Burners?

These days, one can find burners that come with automatic ignition so you don’t really need anything extra for lighting the burner. Such automatic hobs are also available with other Sleek modular kitchen accessories.

  • Size of the Hob

The size of the hob will depend on where you are placing it. It has to fit within the dimension of your already existing workspace. Sleek modular kitchen are made to fit in hobs of conventional sizes. However, it is always a good idea to measure your work area before you buy the hob to avoid any hassle later.

Here is the description for some of Sleek kitchen products in the hobs category:


This hob is a compact triple burner hob with a front control panel. It works on automatic ignition and has a glass top. The dimensions for this hob are 730 x 420 mm.


Henry – 10

This hob has four burners that come in different sizes to suit different types of cooking needs. It has an 8mm tempered glass top and works on automatic ignition. The dimensions of these hobs are 600 mm x 510 mm.



 Lewis is a four burner hob model that comes in stainless steel top with anti- scratch properties. It works on automatic ignition and offers a cast iron pan support. The dimensions of this hob are 580 mm x 500 mm.



This hob comes in an anti-scratch stainless steel top finish with four burners. The burners are of different sizes to enable various types of cooking. The ignition is automatic and the dimensions for the hob are 590 mm x510 mm.


The right hob will make cooking easier and also make your kitchen look splendid.  There is an array of options for hobs that you can avail with your Sleek modular kitchen. Visit your nearest Sleek showroom to know more.

Grab your copy of Sleek Catalogue 2013 for FREE to discover more

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Grab your copy of Sleek Catalogue 2013 for FREE to discover more

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“How to spread knowledge about Modular Kitchens in India?”

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Sleek The Kitchen Specialist
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Modular Kitchen India – Sleek Kitchen Specialist

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Grab your copy of Sleek Catalogue 2013 for FREE to discover more

Post by Viral Desai:

Grab your copy of Sleek Catalogue 2013 for FREE to discover more

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SLEEK Modular kitchen v/s Carpenter Made kitchen


Modular kitchen v/s Carpenter Made kitchen :

As modular kitchens become the new style statement for the modern homemaker, more and more modern families are opting for it over carpenter made kitchens. Here are a few reasons why modular kitchen is definetly a better bet than carpenter made kitchens.
Infinite design options: A carpenter would give you a limited number of design options. An ordinary dabba drawer, a cutlery drawer and a normal thali drawer, that’s it! But modular kitchen brands like Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist, give you numerous options for smart and effective usage of your kitchen space. Wall hangings, rotating tall units, lift-up flaps, soft-closing drawers are all blessings of modular kitchen.
Optimum space management: Innovative tall kitchen units can store all your food containers in a small 2ft x 2ft space. Corner units transform your wasted corner space into the most useful one. Innovations like these can only be found in a modular kitchen.
Excellent finish: Observe the rough edges and uneven finish of a carpenter-made kitchen, and compare it to the smooth, seamless finish of a modular kitchen. It is unparalleled. Another advantage of the machine-made shutters of Sleek modular kitchens is that every shutter is evenly finished, and has no open edges. This ensures that no bacteria or pests enter the cabinets, and you have a clean hygienic kitchen.
No mess, no stress: Days of mess, noise and dust… are the side effects of carpenter made kitchens. Not to mention the tension and irritation that can affect your work as well. Getting your meals too becomes a problem. But when you order a factory-fitted Sleek Modular Kitchen, all it takes is a couple of days for installation. No mess, no dust, no noise. It’s easy and hassle free.
Maintenance and Service: With a carpenter-made kitchen, there is no guarantee for replacement or regular service. But with modular kitchen companies like Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist, you will not only get easy replacements but also a regular service contract that will ensure that your kitchen remains in perfect working condition always.
Value for money: Though the carpenter-made kitchen seems like a reasonable solution in the beginning, it ends up being an expensive affair. The carpenter will keep adding material and services as he progresses. And in the end, when you calculate, you will realize the price has crossed the quotation the modular kitchen company gave you. So you not only end up paying more for a carpenter-made kitchen, but you also don’t get the functionality, innovation, excellent finish and look of a modular kitchen. And don’t forget… the frustrating days when you have to tolerate the
banging and the mess in your kitchen.
Happy Ending: Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist provides you with the design expertise, and world class kitchen solutions to turn your kitchen into a new, fresh, vibrant and a complete mood-setter for an amazing kitchen experience.
It’s worth your money for it’s the best makeover you can give your kitchen. Call 1800 2120 200 for more expert advice from Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist.



Modular kitchens India, modular kitchens accessories Mumbai : Sleek the kitchen specialist

Modular kitchens India, modular kitchens accessories Mumbai : Sleek the kitchen specialist.


Modular kitchens: SLEEK Kitchen world TVC 2012

Modular kitchens: SLEEK Kitchen world TVC 2012.




Modular kitchens: SLEEK Kitchen world TVC 2012

SLEEK The modular kitchen specialist


SLEEK The kitchen specialist: Modular kitchens, Modular kitchen

As far as the question of kitchen décor is concerned, a lot of people seem to have taken a fancy to the modular kitchen of late. And why shouldn’t they? Designed sleekly to suit individual taste and preference as well as the available space in any home, the modular kitchen set has now become a ubiquitous feature. Incase you too wish to buy a modular kitchen system for your self and are feeling muddled about how to go about it, here’s some useful modular kitchen buying tips and information.Modular kitchen systems consist of standardized units pre-fabricated in a huge array of materials, available in varied hues and with a neat finishing. They come in different price ranges and thus, very easily fit into the budget of people wanting a modular kitchen system. A regular modular kitchen system will generally consist of standardized units for the floor and wall. The units are usually deep to house electrical appliances and kitchen utensils of varied shapes and sizes.

If your kitchen is completely bare i.e. without kitchen counters, you will need a box type kitchen. A box type modular kitchen is fully modular, from the kitchen counters to the cabinets and the shutters to the pullouts. On the other hand, if your builder has already provided you with granite kitchen counters or even a kaddapa (black limestone) framework, you can have a modular kitchen worked into it. However, this way only your cabinet shutters, shelves and pullouts will be modular. But you will be saving out on the overall cost of modular framework but look will not be as good as full modular kitchen.

Certain modular kitchen brands have fittings, cabinet shutters, drawers etc. available in only certain fixed sizes but SLEEK kitchens can customize it. This works fine if you require a box type kitchen because the counter height can then vary. But if your kitchen has the groundwork in place, you will need to make sure that the shutter heights suit the height of your kitchen counters. For instance, if your counter height is 32 inches, you will need a shutter height of about 30 inches keeping in mind a 1-inch frame all around. However, if you can’t find shutters to fit your kitchen, there are certain modular kitchen dealers who make to order as well.

Let the store owners also sometimes guide you on buying the right modular kitchen cabinet. You will discover that buying a modular kitchen cabinet system is all fun because each set may be made out of a different kind of material. As such, you can choose from natural or lacquered wood, combinations of wood and laminate, laminate and granite, or even aluminum and marble. If you have any ingenious material at hand, then feel free to explore your creativity to get one custom built for yourself.

Make sure that the material you select for cabinets is water resistant. Marine ply is a good cabinet material because of it’s greater resistance to water.
Solid wood cabinets need a lot of care and frequent polishing to retain the lustre. Also, constant contact with water may cause the wood to rot.
You should also ensure that the materials used have been treated for termites.

Mild steel kitchen cabinets are prone to rusting if not powder coated. Try and avoid using mild steel above or near the stove area. The cabinets will get very heated, making it difficult to open them.

You invest in good quality shutter hinges and drawer channels so that they do not get spoilt in monsoons.
For drawers that shut on the lightest touch, get hydraulic hinges, which have a smooth mechanism. Smooves (a type of hinge) have a similar mechanism but are of a higher quality. They are slightly more expensive but worth every penny.
You could also opt for 90 degree hinges for regular cabinets. 165 degree hinges are ideal for corner cabinets under L-shaped platforms. They make cabinets with folding doors easier to open and help easier access.
Grass channels close at feather touch but never bang shut. So you won’t have to worry about your kids closing the drawers roughly.

Telescopic channels too are very useful. They allow the drawer to open fully so you don’t have to struggle when you need that pickle jar at the back of the cabinet.

Avoid bottom-mounted channels, as the drawers with such channels do not open fully. At least 4 to 6 inches of the drawer remains inside. 



Creating a Wheelchair-Friendly Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that creating a wheelchair-friendly kitchen is all about focusing on utility without any consideration to aesthetics or style. A few strategic modifications to the kitchen’s design combined with the use of technology will allow the individual in the wheelchair to work in an efficient manner without any hassles. Read ahead for some changes that will make the kitchen accessible even for those in wheelchairs.

  • Installing Lowered Countertops

The countertop can be set at a lower height to facilitate easy access to the cooking area even when the individual is sitting on a wheelchair. Instead of placing the microwave oven adjacent to the cooking top, one can place it under the countertop for increased accessibility to all essential cooking equipment and appliances.2

  • Provision for Knee Space under the Island and Countertop

Recessed shelves and space under the kitchen island will allow the individual to work in the kitchen in a comfortable manner. The wheelchair can be set right against the countertop or island, which will make it easier for the individual to prepare, cook, and serve the food.

  • Recessed and Shallow Sink for Enhanced Utility

The Sleek modular kitchen can be designed in a wheelchair-friendly manner to allow the individual to work independently without any hassles. A shallow sink workstation will provide greater reach when washing vegetables or cleaning up after preparing the meal. Providing leg space under the sink will reduce strain on the arms without spoiling the look of the kitchen.

  • Motorized Wall Cabinets for the Conventional Look

With reduced storage space under the countertop, wall cabinets can be used to provide adequate space in the kitchen without affecting accessibility. Motorized wall cabinets that can be raised or brought down with the push of a button will facilitate an efficient and hassle-free Sleek kitchen experience while simultaneously retaining the conventional design and look of the kitchen.

  • Adequate Space for Moving and Turning

An individual in a wheelchair will require more space for moving or turning in the kitchen. The countertop, island, and other appliances like the refrigerator should be placed in such a manner that the individual has enough space to move around the kitchen without requiring any assistance.

One can also consider combining technology with common-sense modifications to convert ordinary kitchens into wheelchair accessible kitchens without any difficulty. The option of activating motorized cabinets through voice commands will enhance the kitchen’s glamour quotient and make it easier to get more work done in an efficient manner.

Corner Cabinet Accessories for Your Compact Kitchen

Having adequate storage space is the simplest and easiest way to improve efficiency and reduce clutter in the kitchen. Instead of mindlessly installing a large number of cabinets, you should consider using different types of cabinet accessories to enjoy more storage space in your kitchen without making it look like a furniture showroom.

SS Carrousel Unit

SS Carousel Unit

Accessing the corner of L-shaped kitchen cabinets that fit into blind corners will become a lot easier if you opt the SS carrousel unit that come with revolving baskets. Instead of stretching into the corner of the cabinet to retrieve the utensil or ingredient, you simply need to rotate the circular wireframe shelf until the utensil or ingredient is in front of you. This simple accessory will ensure you need not store all cooking ingredients close to the cooking top for easy accessibility.

SS Dee Tray

SS Dee Tray

If you want to use the horizontal and vertical spaces in the corner of the cabinets in your Sleek modular kitchen, then you can opt for the SS Dee tray. Mounted on a single metal rod, this sturdy and functional D-shaped wireframe shelves will let you store big utensils and containers in the corner without any hassles.

SS Premium Magic Corner

SS Premium Magic Corner

The SS Premium Magic Corner is a sturdy storage accessory that will let you store monthly provisions or big containers filled with grains and pulses in the corner of the cabinet. The four wireframe baskets can be interchanged between right and left blind corners of the cabinets in your kitchen. With a capacity of 80-100 kegs, you need not worry about overloading these Sleek kitchen accessories

SS Premium Dee Tray

SS Premium Dee Tray

This tray is similar to the standard Dee tray with the enhanced feature of a covered base that lets you store even small accessories without any stability issues. The trays rotate around a sturdy metal rod, which means the entire storage space of the cabinet can be fully utilized.

Make sure you check out feedback about quality of these accessories when searching for Sleek kitchen review online. Opting for poor-quality accessories will reduce the utility of your cabinets and result in increased clutter in your compact kitchen.

Try Different Types of Lighting for your Kitchen

Make your kitchen shine and stand out from the rest of your home with a well-lit modular design. Sleek modular kitchens are a great solution to get a clutter-free and compact cooking area. They are useful as well as a treat to the onlooker’s eye!


There is a wide variety of accessories like electronic chimneys and organization racks that may be installed in modular kitchens to make them even more efficient. One such accessory that can give your culinary work area a makeover is proper lighting. These days, kitchens also serve as dining rooms, which makes proper lighting even more important. The Sleek kitchen price for lamps and lights come in a wide range to suit every budget.


Find a large range of Sleek modular kitchen lamps to bejewel the room that fulfils your culinary aspirations. Lights add an element of visual attraction and are an aid while working as well. These lamps may also be fitted inside shelves and drawers for easily fetching supplies from them even when the room is dark.


Before you start shopping for lights, get a rough idea of the locations where you can fit them. You can also go through Sleek kitchen reviews to help you make an informed choice.


A Sleek modular kitchen offers a plethora of lights and lamps for you to decorate your cooking area to perfection. A well-lit kitchen can enhance the look of your home very effortlessly.

  • NSDX- 35

These lamps may be fit inside a wooden or aluminum frame door at any angle between 80 to 100 degree. These lamps are available in both steel and zinc alloy.

  • HDSN – 30

Available in steel and plastic, this lamp come in two variations. It may be fit on a 45 mm-wide aluminum or wooden frame door and even a 20 mm-wide aluminum one.

  • HBFN

This lamp comes in three different categories for your Sleek modular kitchen.  The HBFN life assist version is available on special order. This variation comes with a free stop feature.

Sleek’s decorative light lamps are available in different materials and designs to suit all kind of budgets and kitchen styles.  They are available in zinc alloy, steel, aluminum and other metals at exclusive Sleek modular kitchen prices. The size of the kitchen will determine the technical specification of this lighting apparatus.

A great tip to decorate your kitchen in the most versatile way is to choose lights or lamps that let you dim them.  You can even hire a Sleek modular kitchen specialist to help you decorate. So, don’t wait; light up your kitchen in style!

Sleek Kitchen Designs for Different Types of Homes

Kitchens can be a challenge to design and decorate. You might design the rest of your house to the latest trends but end up ignoring the kitchen. This room that brews your culinary dreams needs special attention too!

Now, there are various types of kitchen layout you can choose for your home. The design you opt for will depend on the space and the budget available. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the arrangement of your kitchen should enable easy movement through the room. You can go through Sleek kitchen reviews from other users to help you understand your kitchen better and choose an appropriate design.

Modular kitchens are compact and have ample storage space. More and more people are opting for Sleek modular kitchensIt has a range of options that lets you customize the decor according to the theme of your home.

Here are a few design ideas for your kitchen:

The L- shaped Layout

This design gives you a kitchen with 2 platforms placed in the shape of the alphabet L. The sink can be placed at either ends of the L.  Organize your cutlery, vessels and other supplies with modular shelves or drawers in the lower storage area. Add cabinets on top of the platforms for more storage areas. This is a good design that works in all kinds of spaces and comes at an affordable Sleek modular kitchen price.

The Corridor-Style Layout

This is one of most popular Sleek kitchen designs for homes with small kitchens. In this compact layout, the platforms will be located parallel to each other on opposite walls.  The sink and the stove are usually placed on different platforms while the sections below them are used as storage. But you can always play with your imagination and place them wherever you want.

The U-Shaped Layout

This layout has more storage space than other kitchen Sleek kitchen designs. The platforms are put on three adjacent walls in the form of the alphabet U.  This design is suitable for homes with huge kitchens. This layout allows maximum storage space in a compact manner with modular kitchen drawers and cabinets. You can even add a small table in the centre with a few high chairs to create an additional dining area.


Here are some other minor design too to transform your kitchen:

  • Lighting the cabinets with glass doors is a great to add some style to your kitchen. Fix lights inside the cabinets and drawers so that you don’t struggle while taking out things even if the room is dark.
  • Install the platforms  with materials that look classy as well as are easy to clean like steel, glass, wood, etc.
  • Use open racks and trays for your kitchen to make items that you use on a daily basis accessible easily.

You can give your kitchen a makeover with Sleek kitchen designs to make your kitchen look as stylish as the rest of your home.

Modular kitchens, the new vogue in market

A kitchen is the soul and heart of a family, the place where delicious food is prepared and memories are cooked. Most of the family’s time is spent in the dining area next to the kitchen. There are diversified types of Indian kitchen designs and kitchen decor available just for you.

Moreover, modular kitchen is a well planned kitchen with space management techniques and Sleek Work Triangle. This scientific research helps in fast and effortless cooking. This theory helps in an organized kitchen and adds to the consumer’s delight where everything you need is within an arm’s reach. Sleek also considers many factors at the time of kitchen designs, such as family size, food preference, area of kitchen etc.

The secret to a disciplined kitchen is proper planning with the use of new and innovative kitchen solutions. Sleek is the Kitchen Specialist and it claims to provide you with its best quality. You can totally rely on Sleek’s modular kitchen cabinets and have an extra ordinary kitchen. Normally, modular kitchens have base units which are useful for heavy kitchen storage like big kitchen utensils, cooker, etc. Marine Ply is the best option for base units as it is BWR (Boiling Water Resistant). Modular kitchens usually contains steel or wooden cabinets, counter tops, modular kitchen appliances like chimney, built-in-oven, hob, sink with drain board. Sleek also provides refrigerators, built-in waste-baskets, cooking range, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, sinks, etc. for an easy and effortless kitchen life. View the modular kitchen photos for more understanding.

There are plenty kitchen manufacturers but only the Kitchen Specialist will understand the exact kitchen requirement and give you great value for money. Many people come up with the query that how to renovate a kitchen in a more efficient way.

Remaking a kitchen is not an easy task. There are many things to consider before you take the plunge. Storage choices, material options, right price… it takes time, energy and good thinking. The Kitchen Specialist takes care of all your worries. From the planning to final execution… Sleek makes the process a beautiful experience.

  • Understanding your requirement.
  • Personally assessing the space.
  • Assessing your storage needs and design concerns.
  • Designing the kitchen as per the needs.
  • Working out a budget and planning with the same.
  • Your kitchen manufactured and sourced.
  • Installing your kitchen in 30-40 days.
  • Quality check by expert team.
  • Customer relations and after-sales service.
  • 1 Year free kitchen warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Signing a 5-year AMC Contract (Optional paid service).

Sleek gives a whole range of ingenious ideas to increase the storage space in your kitchen. Modular kitchen accessories like innovative corner units, spice pull outs, etc. that makes good use of your wasted kitchen space. Hence choosing a Specialist designer to design your kitchen is the right choice.

Get a site visit done

Sleek offers a site visit of Rs. 1000 (Kitchen cover charges, which will be deducted from your total kitchen amount.)

  • “The kitchen specialist will visit you house with site supervisor”, for understanding the kitchen planning and taking the measurements.
  • You can discuss about the requirements-budget and give suggestions on the same. Designer will show the required design and quotation after 3-4 days.
  • We will assure that you get the best service and design as per your requirements till you finalize your kitchen.
  • After you book your kitchen, do not forget to ask for Extended AMC contract as it is necessary for your valuable kitchen.

Get a professional team of Specialist who are dedicated to create a better lifestyle for you.

Sleek is truly the Kitchen Specialist. – Grab your copy of Sleek Catalogue 2013 for FREE to discover more.

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