Corner Cabinet Accessories for Your Compact Kitchen

Having adequate storage space is the simplest and easiest way to improve efficiency and reduce clutter in the kitchen. Instead of mindlessly installing a large number of cabinets, you should consider using different types of cabinet accessories to enjoy more storage space in your kitchen without making it look like a furniture showroom.

SS Carrousel Unit

SS Carousel Unit

Accessing the corner of L-shaped kitchen cabinets that fit into blind corners will become a lot easier if you opt the SS carrousel unit that come with revolving baskets. Instead of stretching into the corner of the cabinet to retrieve the utensil or ingredient, you simply need to rotate the circular wireframe shelf until the utensil or ingredient is in front of you. This simple accessory will ensure you need not store all cooking ingredients close to the cooking top for easy accessibility.

SS Dee Tray

SS Dee Tray

If you want to use the horizontal and vertical spaces in the corner of the cabinets in your Sleek modular kitchen, then you can opt for the SS Dee tray. Mounted on a single metal rod, this sturdy and functional D-shaped wireframe shelves will let you store big utensils and containers in the corner without any hassles.

SS Premium Magic Corner

SS Premium Magic Corner

The SS Premium Magic Corner is a sturdy storage accessory that will let you store monthly provisions or big containers filled with grains and pulses in the corner of the cabinet. The four wireframe baskets can be interchanged between right and left blind corners of the cabinets in your kitchen. With a capacity of 80-100 kegs, you need not worry about overloading these Sleek kitchen accessories

SS Premium Dee Tray

SS Premium Dee Tray

This tray is similar to the standard Dee tray with the enhanced feature of a covered base that lets you store even small accessories without any stability issues. The trays rotate around a sturdy metal rod, which means the entire storage space of the cabinet can be fully utilized.

Make sure you check out feedback about quality of these accessories when searching for Sleek kitchen review online. Opting for poor-quality accessories will reduce the utility of your cabinets and result in increased clutter in your compact kitchen.


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