Kitchen of the Month

The conventional approach of treating kitchens as separate and independent spaces in Indian homes is being replaced by the modern trend of creating unified living spaces that encompass the kitchen as well. This is why our Kitchen of the Month for May utilizes Glorious Glass on the wall to create an integrated and unified feel between the kitchen and the living space.

To avoid a garish and overly-bright look, the Glorious Glass on the walls is balanced with Acry Ply material for the base and the tall cabinets. The understated feel ensures the kitchen sports a unique feel without seeming completely disconnected from the rest of the home.

Kitchen of the Moth

The triangular design pattern is put into good effect in this Sleek modular kitchen. The cooking and washing space is complemented with a kitchen island for preparing dishes and serving the cooked food while the storage space and appliances form the final component of the triangle. The long countertop ensures adequate space between the cooking and washing area. The design creates a sense of space without disrupting the flow of the cooking process.

The extra clear glass creates a bright and white finish in the entire kitchen. To balance this effect, the base and tall cabinets sport a sober café color finish. The dull luster of the cabinets acquire a gleam due to the utilization of glass, which ensures the energetic and vibrant feel of the kitchen does not get toned down.

Apart from the island preparation counter, the Sleek Kitchen includes added features like a two-height wall cabinets for maximum storage space and a half-tall unit for additional storage along with placement of all appliances and accessories. The Island provides extra space for preparations, and can also be used as functional dining space for quick and cozy meals. These features ensure the stylishly-designed kitchen is equipped to handle a vast array of preparations involved in creating the perfect Indian meal.

The minimalistic finish of the kitchen is accentuated by the use of wall cabinets with tip-on mechanism that facilitates easy access without ugly handles protruding from doors. A quick push is more than enough to grab the ingredients stored in the shelves in a jiffy.   The Gola profile creates the perfect handle-less look for the cabinets mounted on the walls as well as shelves placed under the countertop.

This Sleek kitchen review marks the growing realization that the kitchen can remain functionally independent even as it is integrated into the overall aesthetic design and theme of the living space in the home.


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