Tips to revamp the look of your wooden cabinet

Wooden cabinet enhances the look of your kitchen. Wood adds strength to the cabinet and increases its life. However, the wood may get defaced over a period of time.

Causes of damages in wood

Before learning the cleaning and maintaining process, it is important to know what damages the wooden cabinet. Wood is a material that is affected due to the environment. Moisture, light or temperature may spoil it.

Due to excess humidity, wood gains moisture. This also causes the wood to expand. When it expands, the cabinet doors will rub against the frame whenever you open or close it. The wood will again contract when humidity decreases. This affects the framework at the joints. Rough and frequent use of the cabinet spoils the knobs and handles, develops splits and degrades its appearance. Scratches from nails, knives or rings also affect wood.

Sunlight also has adverse effects on the cabinet. While deciding its placement, try to locate the cabinet away from direct sunlight.

An Ode to the Past with Reclaimed Wood

Tips to maintain the cabinet

To protect the wooden cabinet against such damages, it is important to prevent the rough usage and clean it regularly. The following tips will help you to retain the look of your beautiful Sleek Kitchen cabinet:

  • Rough and abrasive cleaners may cause a crack in the cabinet. Avoid the use of such cleaners.
  • To remove stains from the cabinet, use a soft cloth, mild soap and water. Wipe the surface with light pressure. After cleaning, dry the cabinet. Ensure that the surface is always kept dry.
  • If the stain still persists, then apply a good quality wax paste. Be careful while using this. You may first test it on the back side of the cabinet. Do not use wax if your cabinet has an opaque or matte finish.
  • Never use solvents, acid, alkaline or ammonia-based liquids. These may permanently damage the appearance of your cabinet.
  • Oil marks or fingerprints may be removed with a mild dish-washing detergent and a soft cloth. Wet the cloth with water. Rub the cloth softly in the direction of texture or design carved over the cabinet. Dry the surface immediately after cleaning.
  • Every year, lubricate the joints of the cabinet doors with lithium spray grease. This enhances its longevity.
  • You may also use a stainless steel cleaner for your cabinets.
  • Room temperature of 21 degree Celsius best suits the wood. Maintaining the humidity between 25% and 55% also helps to avoid many problems.

When these tips are implemented on a regular basis, your wooden cabinet will appear new even after years. Maintaining and cleaning are efficient ways to complement your Sleek Modular Kitchen.


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