Trendy Kitchen Looks in 2015

The year 2015 is seeing some impressive and worthwhile interior designs trending for kitchens. This might just be the perfect year to undertake the remodeling project of your kitchen. There are a number of stylish designs out there that can take the look of your kitchen and consequently your home up by several notches.

Sleek modular kitchen has introduced some amazing designs that are a treat to the eyes and perform exceptionally well when it comes to storage efficiency. Here are some of the latest trends that seem to have taken over the design world and kitchens of many homes.

  • One of the many trends of 2015 that is gaining popularity is the kitchen with furniture elements. It is an attempt to make kitchens more social and interactive places rather than just areas used for cooking.
  • Open shelves have also made their way to the top trends of this year. Not only do they make the kitchen look more spacious but also offer convenience in fetching the items placed on them. Get open cabinets in bright and contrasting colors for your Sleek kitchen to maximize space and storage both.
  • Say hello to interesting walls full of stunning designs to complement the furniture in your kitchen. More and more people are opting for wallpapers with eye-catching designs rather than solid shades of wall paint. This trend seems to be dominating many kitchens.
  • Another trend that seems to be a popular one in 2015 is the combination of modern and traditional styles. Such décor aims to strike a balance between warm and homely decor and impressive visual elements.  One can easily achieve this look by combining different materials that previously belonged in separate style categories, like using wood with marble or steel with wood.
  • The ceilings were always overlooked when it came to kitchens but not this year. There are some really impressive designs trending for ceilings by Sleek modular kitchens that can make you ‘look up’ with awe. LED lights and other lighting fixtures are being used extensively to ensure kitchens are well-lit for functionality and mood lighting as well.
  • Another trend that seems to be dominating kitchens this year is having tactile and textural surfaces. Marble and granite create the raw finishes that add warm vibes to kitchens.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started on remodeling your old kitchen or designing your perfect and trendy new Sleek kitchen. Browse through these and many of the other important designs that are ruling 2015 to get the right look for your kitchen.


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