Eight Cooking Tips for Bachelors

Living away from home brings a lot of challenges. One of the biggest challenges that students face is to cook on their own. Here are some handy tips that will make cooking for beginners simpler.

  1.       Fruits for snacking

Fruits are perfect for snacking while you watch your favorite serial or match. Keep fruits ready in your kitchen. You may add crushed nuts, chaat masala and lemon to them and have them with potato chips to make them tasty.

  1.       Invest in tools

Investing in a blender or mixer will be a good option for you. You may prepare different kind of smoothies and shakes in minutes. You only need to roughly cut vegetables and fruits and blend them with milk or yogurt. Other tools you need to invest in are a good quality non-stick pan, wooden spoons and two sharp knives. These will make your life easy. Chances of cutting your finger are low when you use a sharp knife.

  1.       Prepare healthy noodles

Instant noodles are the savior for bachelors. To make them healthy, add lots of vegetables. You may also boil the vegetables separately while the noodles are being cooked. Besides, you may utilize the cooking time to make a smoothie or a shake.

  1.       Use leftovers

There is no need to throw away leftovers. You may use them in innovative ways. Use leftover noodles to make toast. Spread schezwan sauce on a bread toast and have them with noodles. For leftover rice, you may add curd to make curd rice or make fried rice by adding vegetables. Besides, you may also add tempering to make tawa pulao in a non-stick pan.

  1.       Freeze the gravy

When you are making curries or gravies make them in extra quantity. After they are cooled, they may be stored in the freezer for almost a month and may be reused. The next time you make the same dish you do not have to take the pains of preparing the gravy or curry.

  1.       Save yourself from cutting

When you are at the grocery store, buy chopped vegetables and fruits. This will not only save your time but will also make your cooking hassle-free.

  1.       Food for party

When you have to host a party, make your task simple by assembling ordered and home cooked food. Order a sponge cake and add nuts, chocolate sauce and whipped cream to it. Besides, you may make noodles, add cheese to it and stuff it inside a bun to make a fun bunny chow.

  1.       Embrace the internet

The internet has an answer for everything. You will get many innovative easy-to-cook recipes on the net. You may also watch free demos. You can learn many new things by browsing the web.

Applying these simple cooking tips in your daily life will make your tasks in the Sleek kitchen simpler, and your life as a singleton infinitely easier.


Five Simple Tips for Better Cooking

Everyone cooks, but here’s how to do it the smart way. Experts suggest simple tricks that may help you cook better. The next time you enter your kitchen, follow these 5 tips that will enhance your cooking skills.

  1. Slow Roasting:

Roasting makes your food tasty and healthy. The next time you roast your food, try slow roasting. Slow roasting helps to get the maximum flavor out of your vegetables. It also gives them a slender finish, enhancing their appearance. Ensure that your dish is roasted on all sides. This method is time-consuming but the results will be truly praise-worthy.

  1. Poaching:

Poaching involves cooking food by immersing it in a plain or flavored liquid. Mostly, water is used but sometimes, even milk may be used. Poaching is different from boiling. Here the liquid is kept below its boiling temperature. It moistens and adds flavor to the dish. It should be used especially for delicate food items as it helps them from drying or falling apart.

  1. Searing:

Searing could be the first step while grilling, roasting or baking in your Sleek kitchen. Searing means to cook the food on a high flame till you get a rich dark brown finish. This method adds texture and locks in the flavor of food. Besides, searing also makes your dish crispier and tastier.

  1. Blanching and Shocking:

Blanching and shocking retain the natural color of the food and while removing its raw flavor. Blanching is immersing the food item into boiling water and removing it in intervals. After this, the item is cooled by immersing it in ice. This is known as shocking. The method is used for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It also helps tighten the fruit flesh while loosening its skin for easy peeling.

  1. Macerating:

Macerating means to soften the food. It is done by coating the food with salt or sugar. On fruits, sugar is coated to remove the pulpy juice. Salt is used for macerating herbs. At times, lemon juice is also used along with salt. Onion is macerated with salt and vinegar, which enhances its flavor and color.

These simple cooking tips when practiced correctly will ensure delicious dishes with enriched flavors and textures. Use them to complement your cooking while you whip up culinary wonders in your Sleek modular kitchen.