Things to Know while Designing your Kitchen

Designing your kitchen involves many factors including purpose, usage, how many people will be using the kitchen and of course your budget. Here are some things to know before you set off to design your kitchen:

  • Purpose:

    Determine the use of your kitchen. Except for cooking, you may use it a dining, gathering and living area as well. Depending on your lifestyle choices, the workflow of your kitchen will be designed. Once the purpose is clear, you may know which space will be of what use. It also suggests where you need to place the cabinets, the cooking stove and the dining table.

  • Function:

    Cabinets are the major storage space in modern Indian kitchens. Once you decide their placement, you have to determine the capacity of the cabinets. Check how deep or wide should the sections be. Plan on what you need to store in which section. Design the depth and height of cabinets and drawers respectively keeping in mind the objects going to be stored in them. For instance install slim drawers to store cutlery, and higher shelves to keep salad bowls and other large items.

  • Appearance:

    After the function and space allocation, the next thing to work on is the outer appearance. Select the perfect texture and finish for your cabinets and countertops. You can choose from a range of colors, patterns, designs and styles in Sleek kitchens. Add a framed painting or an attractive backsplash in the kitchen to elevate its visual appeal. These touches make the kitchen lively.

  • Design:

    You need to be practical while designing the kitchen. You need to give preference to basic requirements and budget over choice. It is not necessary that everything in your kitchen should match with each other. You may keep some monotony, for instance, if you match the color scheme of the cabinets then do not give them the same height. Use breaks between the cabinets and do not install them continuously along the wall to create visual monotony.

Plan your kitchen wisely. While designing the kitchen, you need to take care that you first fulfill the functional aspects and then cater to aesthetics. Another thing you need to take care is that you do not design it depending on an occasion or festival wherein there will be a gathering. But, you need to design it for your daily use. On most of the days, only a single person will be using the kitchen. So, it makes sense to design accordingly. To get the kitchen expert’s help while designing your kitchen, click here.


Nine Creative Ideas for a Classy Kitchen

Are you bored with the mundane decor of your kitchen? If yes, then revamp your kitchen with some creative additions. An attractive back-splash may transform the entire look of your kitchen.

Some of the ideas for a creative back-splash are:

  1. Add a photograph
    Mount a family vacation photograph on the kitchen wall and see how it transforms the ambiance of your kitchen. An alternative option for this will be a printed back-splash or a floral print.
  2. Boards
    Opt for salvaged boards if you wish to give a farmhouse style look to your kitchen. They are also very easily available in the market. You may paint them with soft pastel colors or bright and bold colors depending on your choice.
  3. Bottle caps
    You may design the background of your kitchen with metal bottle caps. They come in varied sizes and colors. Arrange them as you like and give a vintage essence to your kitchen.
  4. Skis
    This is a unique idea and will make your kitchen stand out from the rest. You may buy the skis from a secondhand shop, garage or online. You will get a variety of designs, patterns and prints on the skis. Take a scheme matching or contrasting the color scheme to your kitchen. Install them in tiled form and give a trendy look to your kitchen.
  5. Barn wood
    You may use the most popular, barn wood for the back-splash. Do not use it behind the cooking stove though, as it is flammable. You may fix it in any other place for a classy vintage look.
  6. Magnetic board
    This is an innovative idea of a back-splash. A magnetic board will not only look beautiful but also be useful for you. You may jot down your to-do list or a recipe on it. Besides, you may also decorate it with colorful magnetic show pieces.
  7. Copper coins
    Stick copper coins in a series form to get an ethnic background. Apart from these, you may also decorate ceramic tiles with copper coins to give a classy look.
  8. Mosaic
    Mosaic is the favorite background choice among many homeowners. Create a mosaic from broken or damaged china plates. You may also buy them from secondhand shops and give a cottage style appeal to the kitchen.
  9. Classy tin
    For a timeless design, use tin tiles in the background. They will make your kitchen look dazzling. For a contemporary effect, opt for molded plastic finish. You may add a color of your choice on these.

Follow these tips and create a customized and magnificent kitchen for your home. Opt for Sleek kitchens and enjoy many more options. To book a sleek kitchen today, click hereĀ