Eight Ways to Enhance the Efficiency of Corner Cabinets

Modular kitchens can make a huge difference to your house, making life a lot simpler, especially if you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. Modular kitchens don’t just help improve efficiency, but they also help maximize storage space; an important feature for most kitchens in flats today. One such space solution is the installation of corner cabinets. Corner cabinets increase the storage area by using otherwise unused corners.

Corner cabinets are usually deep and offer a lot of extra storage, but their narrow openings can restrict easy access. With some simple alterations however, you can greatly improve the efficiency of such storage.

Here are some tips to enhance the utility of corner cabinets:

  1. Deep drawers:

    Corner cabinets are usually very deep. Make use of the depth by getting drawers installed. These drawers can be narrow and deep to maximize your usage of space.

  2. Front drawers:

    If you do not want to store tall items in the drawers, get flat-front drawers installed. Such drawers do not highlight the corners but provide enough storage and are also cost-effective.

  3. Wire shelves:

    If you do not want to convert the cabinets into multiple drawers, get wire shelves installed. Nested shelves just require a single drawer.

  4. Rotating Lazy Susan:

    Lazy Susan shelves have been in use for almost as long as most of us can recall and they can come in handy here. Use traditional rotating shelves as they can greatly improve accessibility. Rotating shelves will also make it easy to pick up items stored in the deepest corners without much effort.

  5. Lazy Susan on doors:

    Lazy Susan shelves are popular because they can be adapted to various designs. Instead of fitting them in cabinets, attach them to cabinet doors. In this manner you will be able to access all the items by simply opening the cabinet doors.

  6. Pots and pans:

    Convert your corner cabinets into a pot rack. Hang pots and pans at the top and place the lids at the bottom. The deep area ensures that all your cookware items are stored in one place, while the closed cabinet doors will protect them from dust and dirt.

  7. Pull-out:

    Pull-out shelves designed in interesting and fun shapes like kidney beans can improve accessibility and spice up the look of your kitchen.

  8. Dustbin:

    If you are not comfortable storing cookware or food items in corner cabinets, use them as trash space. Get a large pull-out shelf installed in the cabinet and place two separate bins for dry and wet waste.

    Most of these modifications are easy to make and will not take you much time. At little expense, you can maximize the efficiency of your corner cabinets. Click here to book a kitchen cabinet from sleek kitchens today!