Keeping Your Kitchen Knives in Top Shape

Cooking, alone, is not the beginning or the end of your kitchen chores. There is a lot more work that goes into maintaining a kitchen. One of the most routine cooking-related chores is chopping or cutting. From vegetables to fruits, to nuts, there are a number of ingredients that need to be diced or chopped for several recipes. As such, the use of knives is indispensable in a kitchen.

However, just like any other kitchen tool, your knives also need good care and handling. This way you can ensure their efficiency and durability, when it comes to aiding you in the kitchen. Here are some useful and safe ways to clean and maintain your kitchen knives.

  • Keep it Simple

    When it comes to cleaning your knives you need not try anything extraordinary. Using the conventional method of soap and water works just as well. It is not only easy and efficient, but also saves you much time and effort. On the other hand, using any other chemical solutions may damage the blade.

  • Wash Immediately After Use

    If possible, make sure to wash or simply rinse the knives immediately after each use, especially while cutting vegetables. This helps prevent the food from drying on the knife, which makes it more difficult to wash away. Washing the knife as soon as it is used makes the task easy and saves on time as well.

  • Soak in Water

    Despite your intentions, on certain occasions you might fail to wash the knife immediately. This may leave dried residue of food particles that are a lot more stubborn and resistant to cleaning. Although scrubbing such knives can be helpful, this is dangerous and may cause injury. Instead, try soaking the knives in shallow water for a few minutes and the moistened food will come off easily.

  • Point the Blade Away

    Make it a point to face the blade of the knife away from you while washing. This helps reduce the risk of cutting yourself during the process of cleaning. A safe way is to begin by rinsing the blunt edge first and then cautiously sliding your fingers down to clean the blade.

  • Use a Cloth

    Another way to prevent any injury is by avoiding any direct contact with the sharp edge. Use a cloth or a sponge scrub pad instead. This allows you to clean the knives without harming yourself.

Use these brilliant tips to make sure that your kitchen knives are maintained in the best condition and to ensure that you stay safe in your Sleek Kitchen.


How to Choose the Best Color Scheme for Your Kitchen

Cooking certainly requires much skill and precision. With the amount of effort and time involved, it can also get quite exhausting. With the right ambiance in your kitchen however, much of this stress can be relieved. A welcoming environment can put you at ease, while you go about your kitchen chores.

Having the right color scheme for your kitchen can go a long way in creating an air of warmth and comfort. You can also experiment with contrasts and combinations in order to accommodate the plethora of appliances and furnishings in a kitchen. Take a look at some interesting color schemes to pick the right one for your kitchen.

  • All – White Kitchen

    An all-white kitchen theme is quite popular among modern homeowners.  Painting the walls white brightens the environment and produces an airy effect. To avoid monotony, you can simply add some relief in the form of bright patterns for countertops and backsplashes. This theme is especially suitable for small kitchens with a lack of space.

  • Neutral Themes

    Most individuals may go with a neutral theme for their kitchen with colors such as grey and beige. Although these may seem drab, with a clever combination of furnishings, you can create a chic look. Wooden cabinets and furniture go well with this theme.

  • Shades of Blue

    Another great color to enhance the ambiance and appeal of your kitchen is blue. You can use lighter shades to create a calm and refreshing feel for your kitchen. Although dark or navy blue is considered to be a bold choice, you can balance it with white or neutral-colored cabinets, counter-tops, and wall accents.

  • Yellow Warmth

    As cooking is often associated with warmth, many individuals may prefer a similar feel for their kitchen. Yellow is one color that can be vivid, as well as soothing. Use different hues to get the right amount of brightness for your kitchen. Pair it with white or beige furnishings to avoid an overwhelming effect.

  • Green Allure

    Although slightly unconventional, green can make for a charming color scheme for your kitchen. Pick lighter shades to create a garden-like aura for your kitchen. Complement it with wooden furniture and accents to complete the natural feel. Darker and more intense shades can be used for back-splashes and small counters.

Make sure that the theme you pick suits the lighting scheme and size of your kitchen. Most importantly, use a color scheme that will enhance your kitchen experience by improving your mood and comfort.


Four Reasons Why a Modular Kitchen is Value for Money

A kitchen, especially in an Indian household, is perhaps the focal point of the home. Be it a special dinner for a festive occasion or a simple daily meal, the best of culinary magic happens here. With our elaborate cooking processes, it is equally important to have a well-organized set-up that makes it easier to use the kitchen. That is where a modular kitchen comes into play.

More and more Indian households seem to prefer modular kitchens for their homes, despite the fact that such kitchens may often cost more than a traditional kitchen. Naturally, individuals are willing to spend more as they are assured of better quality and performance.

Here are some of the advantages of a modular kitchen that make it worth the extra penny.

  1. Better Organization
    Unlike a conventional kitchen, a modular kitchen consists of several smaller units assembled together. These units known as ‘modules’ offer independent storage spaces for the various utensils and ingredients one uses in a kitchen. A well-organized set-up such as this, with designated modules for different items, enhances the ease of using your kitchen. The improved accessibility and convenience alone make it worth a slight increase in expenses.
  2. Long-Lasting Kitchen

    Modular kitchens are often much more durable than traditionally designed kitchens. The materials used in the various modules are of excellent quality, ensuring resistance to wear-and-tear. This means that you do not have to worry about frequent repairs or replacements when you go about your cooking routine.

  3. Easy to Maintain

    Regular maintenance of your kitchen is essential for the best performance. Thanks to the independent cabinets and modules, cleaning a modular kitchen is quick and painless. Most services in India offer chimney installations to ensure hygiene and to prevent any damage caused by smoke or grime during the cooking process itself.

  4. Aesthetic Appeal

    To feel good while cooking, your kitchen also needs to look good. Although a traditionally designed kitchen may focus on utility, decor is rarely considered. On the other hand, with a modular kitchen you can ensure that the design and style complement the overall decor and mood of your home, without any compromise on utility and efficiency.

All these benefits certainly go a long way in making your cooking experience much more convenient and enjoyable. So quite naturally, a modular kitchen is well worth any additional expense as the benefits far outweigh the cost! Keen on getting a modular kitchen today? Connect with us by sharing your details here!


Five Helpful Tips to Efficiently Reinvent Your Kitchen

If your household is anything like the typical Indian one, your kitchen is probably the center of activity. From cooking to dining, it is a space that the entire family seems to gravitate towards. So quite naturally, you may also need to make certain additions or alterations to your kitchen from time to time.

Redefining your kitchen can indeed be a time-consuming process, but it is important as it can considerably add to your convenience and comfort. This said, it is very important to consider certain key aspects while remodeling your kitchen.

Here are a few tips to remember if you wish to redefine your kitchen.

  1. Invest in Intelligent Storage

    The storage needs in a household are very likely to change over time with growth in your family. While you may need to store more utensils, food ingredients and snacks, your storage space remains unchanged. This is precisely why it is so important to look for smart storage alternatives such as hooks for hanging utensils and under-the-island cabinets. This allows you to store more, without giving your kitchen a cluttered look.

  2. Ensure Ease of Access

    Cooking often requires quite a lot of running around and multitasking even while preparing a simple meal. However, the task is all the more troublesome if all the essentials are stored at an inconvenient distance from the cooking space. While redesigning your kitchen, it is therefore important to ensure that you can easily reach all the necessary tools.

  3. Create Hideaway Surfaces

    While it’s important to have easy access to the essentials, some kitchen appliances and silverware are best not left exposed. Objects like knives and cutlery in particular, need to be set aside out of harm’s way. To this end, be sure to include hideaway spaces for such items while remodeling your kitchen.

  4. Balance the Lighting

    The lighting scheme is one aspect of kitchen décor that individuals often tend to overlook. This however is quite crucial, as it helps set the right ambiance. Also ensure that lights are placed in a way that all the corners of the kitchen are illuminated.

  5. Explore your Options

    It is always wise to invest some time in researching the various alternatives available for renovating your kitchen. Certain aspects may not require professional help and can be accomplished at home itself. This not only saves money but allows you to be more involved in the design of your kitchen.

Remember these simple but handy tips so that you can give your kitchen a great makeover and ensure the perfect cooking and dining experience for yourself! Interested in getting your kitchen transformed, contact us today by filling up this form.