Ways to Design Your Modular Kitchen

A kitchen is the soul of an Indian house. Gone are the days of cluttered, traditional kitchens. Everyone now wants to have a classy and modern kitchen with optimal features.

You may either hire an interior designer or design your kitchen yourself. Here are some ways to transform your boring kitchen into an elegant one.

Focus on the kitchen counters

After selecting the style of your kitchen, focus on the kitchen counters as they are one of the most important aspects in your modular kitchen. Since Indian cooking involves the use of different colorful spices, use materials that are stain- resistant like granite.

To give your kitchen a swanky touch, opt for materials like marble, granite, and wood. If your budget allows you to, you may purchase readymade kitchen counters from dealers.

Water-proof your kitchen cabinet

If you’re contemplating the purchase of a ready-made kitchen cabinet, consult your interior designer or the store manager concerning the materials used in the manufacture of the cabinets. This will ensure you pick just the right one for your kitchen. You may experiment with materials like steel, combinations of wood and laminate, aluminum along with marble, or granite coupled with laminate.

However, do ensure that the material is water-resistant. Marine ply is considered as one of the best materials as it is highly water-resistant. To prevent the rusting of steel cabinet channels, you must select good quality channels and keep the cabinets away from water and heat.

If you select wood cabinets, polish them regularly to retain their shine and make sure that they are termite-resistant.

Customize your kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers are essential components of your modular kitchen design as you use them frequently. You may either buy ready-made kitchen drawers or design them as per your requirements.

To ensure there is less friction when opening or closing drawers, go for high-quality, 90 or 165 degree hydraulic or wood hinges for L shaped, and regular drawers.

Select different kitchen equipment

Certain equipment like chimneys, dishwashers, and microwave ovens efficiently reduce your effort. Chimneys help to get rid of steam, oil, and smoke. Even though designer chimneys look stylish, you must consider traditional chimneys as they have greater suction properties. Some chimneys even have a self-cleaning feature.

Ensure that you install a dishwasher at an easily accessible place keeping in mind the wash and rinse cycles. You must also select a suitable microwave oven for your modular kitchen.

Invest in trendy kitchen accessories

You may display your expensive crockery by designing your kitchen with glass shelves. Apart from these, you may also opt for smooth ply shelves as they are not only sleek but also spacious. While purchasing kitchen accessories, select a store that offers affordable yet stylish kitchen products.

Here is a sleek kitchen review by a Sleek World customer:

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Purchasing a sleek kitchen should be a well-planned decision. It is advisable to opt for an affordable outlet that provides high quality kitchen solutions.

Consider these simple ways to give your kitchen a trendy makeover.

Points to Consider While Buying a Modular Kitchen

Your kitchen is not merely a place to cook and serve food. In fact, it is the place where you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. A kitchen is the heart of your home and definitely deserves a modern twist.

Here are some points you must consider before transforming your kitchen to a Modular Kitchen:

1. Check your budget

Money is the first thing that comes to your mind while purchasing a modular kitchen. Plan your budget effectively before buying a kitchen.

You may accordingly opt for companies that are cost-effective and give you an option to customize your kitchen as per your requirements.

2. Consider the shape of your kitchen

The kitchen shape plays an essential role in utilizing the space of your kitchen. You must place the refrigerator, sink and stove nearby in a triangular form so that everything is equally accessible.

Place the refrigerator at the entrance of your kitchen to ensure easy access to it when needed. Straight, parallel, L and U-shaped are different shapes of kitchens. The island style is your best bet if your kitchen area is large enough.

3. Select durable materials

Kitchen drawers and cabinets may get damaged because of the moisture that builds up during the process of cooking. This is why; you must ensure that they are made using good quality, durable materials like BWP – Boiling Water Proof plywood with added lamination.

To give your kitchen a glossy touch, you may opt for medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with an acrylic finish. There is also an array of materials used for woodwork to choose from, like pre-laminated MDF, pre-laminated particle board, and MDF membrane.

4. Measure the height of the units

The unit height affects the overall structure and design of your kitchen. Generally, drawers are placed in the base unit while cabinets are fixed on the wall.

You may customize the dimensions ergonomically. To know about other important guidelines, you can rely on a modular kitchen buying guide to help you.

5. Choose an appealing color

Color has the power to influence your mood. In the long run, the look of your kitchen may affect your creativity in the kitchen. The aesthetic appearance of your kitchen depends heavily on the colors you choose.

Go for bright colors that add a contrast to the cabinets and tiles. You may also use the same theme across different components to amp up your sleek modular kitchen and make it visually appealing.

6. Opt for a wide sink

A kitchen sink is frequently used to clean dishes, wash vegetables and fruits. This is why; you must select a deep and wide sink so that it is convenient. Terrazzo, stainless steel and ceramic granite are the different materials you may choose from.

Opt for a long-handled tap with an outlet for hot and cold water. Ensure that the tap is attached with a spray fixture to pace up the rinsing.

Here are some sleek kitchen reviews of Sleek World customers:

Mr. Anuj Sharma (Delhi) said “Would definitely recommend Sleek Kitchen as we were very much satisfied with the overall work done, everything was perfect and excellent.”

“I will definitely recommend Sleek World because the material is very good, and the kitchen was designed according to our needs and requirements” said Mr. Subhash from Chennai.

Keeping these points in mind, you must go for a brand which is cost-effective and offers you several sleek modular kitchen options.

Benefits of Modular Kitchen & Why an Indian Home Needs it

If you’ve heard about modular kitchens and are left with questions clouding your mind, this article is exactly what you should be reading. The most frequently asked questions are – What are modular kitchens? Why should I get one?

A modular kitchen is made up of carefully designed modules or cabinets that are built-in together to create a perfectly crafted kitchen.

Here is a list of eight modular kitchen benefits that an Indian home needs:

1. Easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble
Modular kitchens allow you to easily dismantle and reassemble your kitchen in almost any space. In India, traditional kitchens could never be transferred but sleek modular kitchens enable you to enjoy this feature to the fullest.

2. Customization
As a homemaker, you have a say in everything that forms a part of your kitchen. Modules are designed keeping in mind the available space, the accessibility, your requirements as well as your budget. The finest of details such as the finishing and the exterior material will be customized as per your preference.

3. Space Saving
Indian traditional kitchens don’t optimize your kitchen space to the fullest, leaving you with cluttered countertops and overstuffed cabinets. Modular sleek kitchens contain space saver shelves that effectively utilize all cramped- up corners. These can be strategically designed to hang on doors or converted into jar racks to utilize the space to the fullest.

4. Convenient and time-saving
Your old carpenter-built kitchen took months to complete and proved to be a constant inconvenience. Modular kitchens in India are manufactured in factories and can be delivered within 3-4 weeks along with easy, time-saving installations. This is one of the main reasons that make modular kitchens a favorite with Indian homemakers.

5. State-of-the-art designs
Modular kitchens are intricately designed keeping in mind your choice of décor and aesthetics. A sleek kitchen is available in various contemporary designs and experts could customize your kitchen as per your aesthetic needs

6. Clutter-free
A cluttered kitchen is enough to disrupt your peace of mind. However, modern kitchens help you stay clutter-free with customized pullout drawers and cabinets to stack away everything from crockery to ‘bartans’ in a visually attractive manner.

7. Built-In Appliances
With the rapid evolution of technology in India, most of us are well-versed with hi-tech appliances that form an integral part of our kitchens. Modular kitchens enable you to seamlessly incorporate these as part of your kitchen decor.

8. Smart work space layouts
Modular kitchens are designed bearing in mind details like ease of accessibility and storage. This is highly beneficial to Indian households because, our kitchen countertops and work areas are always cluttered with unnecessary paraphernalia. The kitchens are segmented into sections such as cleaning areas and cooking areas on the basis of functionality. This significantly contributes to the efficiency of these kitchens.

As a homemaker, your needs are changing and traditional kitchens no longer serve your purpose. Sleek Modular Kitchens in India are carefully created with every homemaker’s requirements kept in mind and are easily available at affordable prices!