Modular Kitchens – Where to Start and Ideas for Designs

Looking for great ideas to perk up your kitchen? Consider contacting a professional interior designer who could guide you through the process and help you craft a plan to execute your vision of a perfect kitchen. If you’re ready to splurge on a sleek modular kitchen, then the sky is the limit. But there are some great options available for those keeping a check on their budget too.

Explore these amazing options and get inspired.


The backsplash is an integral addition to your sleek modular kitchen. Not only will it save you the hassle of cleaning up grease-laden walls, but the correct one will complement your wall paint as well. If you’re out of options, the glass mosaic is your best bet for the visual appeal it adds to your kitchen.


You wouldn’t want to be bending too low to grab that bowl of salad, would you? Ensure that your kitchen counter is at least 90 centimeters high or as per your height to avoid discomfort while working. Besides, a distance of 60 centimeters from the chimney is a must, to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself against it.

Appliances and Accessories:-

Durable appliances and sleek kitchen accessories top the hierarchy of kitchen must-haves. Invest in good appliances that preferably have a stainless steel finish for easy maintenance. Sleek kitchen accessories like base cabinet trolleys and wall units are also essential to complete your idea of a dream modular kitchen.


Incorporate the ‘Work Triangle Concept’ to ensure convenience while you battle it out in the kitchen. The method focuses on the three main zones of cooking, cleaning and storage in a triangular formation for flexibility while performing kitchen chores.


Set the right ambience for your sleek modular kitchen with the correct lighting. Down lights and Pendant lights are great options. While the former is used for illuminating large spaces, the latter is just right for areas that require focused light like the food preparation counter.

Revamp your kitchen with these simple ideas and watch it come alive. Sleekworld is the answer to all your woes. Make it a part of your home and we’re sure you’ll return with a positive sleek kitchen review.


Twelve Tips to Design your Urban Kitchen

Kitchens in our city-homes are always cramped and the lack of space has become inescapable. With high real estate prices, kitchen space is often compromised and most flats come with poky kitchens, sometimes even fitted along narrow passages! Under such circumstances, it is difficult to manage space.


Here are some tips that will help you deal with the problem and design your urban kitchen:

  1. Color Illusion:

The color of your kitchen helps to create an illusion. Use similar colors for the walls, cabinets, furniture, and flooring. It then becomes difficult for the eye to differentiate between the spaces. This creates something of an optical illusion, tricking you into believing that the kitchen is bigger than it really is.

  1. Glass Cabinets:

Use glass doors for cabinets. This will enable anyone to look beyond the frames and reach the depth of the cabinets. This also works as an illusion, but it will only help if the items in the cabinets are clean and placed neatly!

  1. Natural Light:

Natural light is very important in a kitchen. It makes the place look bright. Do not block the windows and keep the décor to a bare minimum, allowing maximum sunlight in.

  1. Shelves:

Use recessed shelves in the kitchen or along the passage. They offer storage without occupying space.

  1. Coverings:
    Cover the floor and walls in plain designs. You can opt for diagonal lines or big diamonds for the floor. This will make the kitchen appear wide.
  1. Furniture:

 Make use of lightweight and slim furniture in the kitchen. Opt for open and round tables. Choose furniture that has clean lines.

  1. Stripes:
    Stripes are the best design to create an illusion. Broad stripes will make the kitchen look big. You can also get lines painted to create the same effect.
  2. Open up space:

 Create openness in the kitchen. You can take down separating walls between the kitchen and the living room, especially if not necessary. This will make the area look spacious. 

  1. Enhance the height:

Make the kitchen appear taller by getting printed décor items like paintings or plates and place them above the cabinets. Ensure that you use a color matching the overall tone of the kitchen. 

  1. Reflective Surfaces:

Use reflective surfaces like ceramic and stainless steel in the kitchen. They will lighten up the place. An illuminated kitchen will always look bigger than a dark one.

  1. Neatness:

Keep your kitchen neat. Do not clutter the countertops with utensils and other items. Let the kitchen be well-organized and clean all times.

  1. Angles:

Plan the kitchen placements at angles. Use clean lines to enhance the space. If the kitchen is narrow let the cabinets be fixed at an angle for a perfect look.

These simple tips will let your urban kitchen look spacious. You may also buy Sleek Kitchen’s attractive modular sleek kitchens that come with a good space management plan.


Ten Tips to Make Washing Dishes Interesting

Nowadays cooking is so much more than another household chore. It is often regarded as a relaxing activity. However, even though many people enjoy cooking, that enthusiasm often does not extend to the task of washing the dirty dishes after cooking.

But what if you could make this mundane task interesting? Well, here are a few ways to turn cleaning dishes into a fun activity rather than a taxing one.

  1. Reuse Utensils

Small utensils such as measuring spoons, cups or bowls need not be washed with every use. Reusing them by simply wiping saves you the effort of repeatedly washing or rinsing them for each use during a single cooking session.

  1. Wash as You Cook

It is better to wash and rinse the dirty utensils as you go, rather than create a huge pile for later. Washing dishes in smaller batches is certainly not as daunting and also eases some of your stress.

  1. Divide Duties

Assign different roles to each family member, such as washing, rinsing, drying, and so on. Working as a team always helps make the task a lot more fun.

  1. Play Some Music

Play some of your favorite songs and hum along if you wish. This helps you relax and adds some much-needed amusement to the activity.

  1. Watch Entertaining Videos

You can also entertain yourself by watching some entertaining, short videos on your mobile phone or tablet as you wash the dishes. However, be careful to place your device away from the soap and water, even if it’s water-resistant.

  1. Start With an Empty Rack

Make sure the drying rack or container is empty, before you start putting away the washed dishes in it. This can be helpful, as it motivates you to work faster towards filling the rack.

  1. Stack the Dishes in a Separate Container

Instead of putting away dirty dishes directly into the sink, stack them in a separate container. This gives you an uncluttered sink with enough space to begin washing the dishes.

  1. Time Yourself

Set a specific time limit for yourself to finish the task, before you begin washing the dishes. Racing against the clock certainly improves your speed.

  1. Reward Yourself with Incentives

Indulge in some small luxuries by lighting an aromatic candle or using your favorite dishwashing soap as a reward for your effort.

  1. Buy Easy-to-Wash Utensils

A long-term solution would be to buy dishes that are easier to wash, so as to avoid any inconvenience.

Use these helpful and easy tips so that you don’t have to toil away washing dishes in your Sleek Kitchen!


Keeping Your Kitchen Knives in Top Shape

Cooking, alone, is not the beginning or the end of your kitchen chores. There is a lot more work that goes into maintaining a kitchen. One of the most routine cooking-related chores is chopping or cutting. From vegetables to fruits, to nuts, there are a number of ingredients that need to be diced or chopped for several recipes. As such, the use of knives is indispensable in a kitchen.

However, just like any other kitchen tool, your knives also need good care and handling. This way you can ensure their efficiency and durability, when it comes to aiding you in the kitchen. Here are some useful and safe ways to clean and maintain your kitchen knives.

  • Keep it Simple

    When it comes to cleaning your knives you need not try anything extraordinary. Using the conventional method of soap and water works just as well. It is not only easy and efficient, but also saves you much time and effort. On the other hand, using any other chemical solutions may damage the blade.

  • Wash Immediately After Use

    If possible, make sure to wash or simply rinse the knives immediately after each use, especially while cutting vegetables. This helps prevent the food from drying on the knife, which makes it more difficult to wash away. Washing the knife as soon as it is used makes the task easy and saves on time as well.

  • Soak in Water

    Despite your intentions, on certain occasions you might fail to wash the knife immediately. This may leave dried residue of food particles that are a lot more stubborn and resistant to cleaning. Although scrubbing such knives can be helpful, this is dangerous and may cause injury. Instead, try soaking the knives in shallow water for a few minutes and the moistened food will come off easily.

  • Point the Blade Away

    Make it a point to face the blade of the knife away from you while washing. This helps reduce the risk of cutting yourself during the process of cleaning. A safe way is to begin by rinsing the blunt edge first and then cautiously sliding your fingers down to clean the blade.

  • Use a Cloth

    Another way to prevent any injury is by avoiding any direct contact with the sharp edge. Use a cloth or a sponge scrub pad instead. This allows you to clean the knives without harming yourself.

Use these brilliant tips to make sure that your kitchen knives are maintained in the best condition and to ensure that you stay safe in your Sleek Kitchen.


Five Simple Tips for Better Cooking

Everyone cooks, but here’s how to do it the smart way. Experts suggest simple tricks that may help you cook better. The next time you enter your kitchen, follow these 5 tips that will enhance your cooking skills.

  1. Slow Roasting:

Roasting makes your food tasty and healthy. The next time you roast your food, try slow roasting. Slow roasting helps to get the maximum flavor out of your vegetables. It also gives them a slender finish, enhancing their appearance. Ensure that your dish is roasted on all sides. This method is time-consuming but the results will be truly praise-worthy.

  1. Poaching:

Poaching involves cooking food by immersing it in a plain or flavored liquid. Mostly, water is used but sometimes, even milk may be used. Poaching is different from boiling. Here the liquid is kept below its boiling temperature. It moistens and adds flavor to the dish. It should be used especially for delicate food items as it helps them from drying or falling apart.

  1. Searing:

Searing could be the first step while grilling, roasting or baking in your Sleek kitchen. Searing means to cook the food on a high flame till you get a rich dark brown finish. This method adds texture and locks in the flavor of food. Besides, searing also makes your dish crispier and tastier.

  1. Blanching and Shocking:

Blanching and shocking retain the natural color of the food and while removing its raw flavor. Blanching is immersing the food item into boiling water and removing it in intervals. After this, the item is cooled by immersing it in ice. This is known as shocking. The method is used for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It also helps tighten the fruit flesh while loosening its skin for easy peeling.

  1. Macerating:

Macerating means to soften the food. It is done by coating the food with salt or sugar. On fruits, sugar is coated to remove the pulpy juice. Salt is used for macerating herbs. At times, lemon juice is also used along with salt. Onion is macerated with salt and vinegar, which enhances its flavor and color.

These simple cooking tips when practiced correctly will ensure delicious dishes with enriched flavors and textures. Use them to complement your cooking while you whip up culinary wonders in your Sleek modular kitchen.


Seven Reasons to have a Modular Kitchen

The prevalence of homeowners opting for modular kitchens is a growing phenomenon. A modular kitchen is made of different pre-fabricated parts that are assembled in your kitchen area. This concept offers varied benefits and greater functionality than the traditional kitchen. This is why modular kitchens have become so popular across the country.

When you are planning to revamp your kitchen, a modular kitchen may be the smart choice as it scores high on both aesthetics and functionality. Here are some reasons explaining how:

1. Easily Modified

Modular kitchens are easily modified. You may disassemble or reassemble your kitchen according to your requirements. This is an especially useful aspect for people who live in rented homes. The kitchen can be easily dismantled to shift to a new home, and modified to fit the dimensions of the new space. Thus, the convenience offered by the module system will be highly beneficial and cost effective.

2. Customization

When you opt for a modular kitchen, you get a kitchen that is customized especially for you. Depending on the space, location, your requirements and necessities, the kitchen is designed so that it provides maximum efficiency and comfort to you in completing your daily tasks within it.

3. Space Saving Features

The shelves that come with a modular kitchen are designed to occupy minimum space. They are created to fit into the tiny spaces, narrow corners or hang on a door of even the most compact apartments. Moreover, the kitchen also comes with many individual fits for appliances, saving space and enhancing the utility and appearance of your kitchen.

4. Hassle-free Installation

Earlier, if the kitchen needed to be modified, a carpenter would take several days to complete the work and charge rates that could not be verified. Such a situation not only caused trouble in the daily functioning of the household but also did not give any guarantees as to the desired effect of the renovation. On the other hand, modular kitchens are prefabricated and delivered at your doorstep. Once ordered, your kitchen could be ready in less than a month of time.

5. Appearance Matters

A modular kitchen changes not only the way your house looks and is perceived, but also changes the way you work and interact with other family members in it. You may browse Sleek kitchens for elegant and contemporary designs that best suit your requirements.

6. Clutter-free Capabilities

Modular kitchens come with an efficient storage system. You may easily organize your utensils, containers, and cutlery, ensuring your kitchen always looks neat and remains clutter-free.

7. Efficiency

Modular kitchens are smartly designed to offer greater efficiency. The items that are often used will be easily accessible while those rarely used will be tucked away inconspicuously. Besides, you will have separate sections of functionality for varied tasks like cooking, prepping, and cleaning.

All of these reasons are sure to compel you to opt for a modular kitchen for your home. To get the best choices, order a Sleek modular kitchen, now.


Sanjeev Kapoor Enthralls Audiences at Sleek Kitchens

Sanjeev Kapoor visited two Sleek Kitchen showrooms on July 18th and interacted with many fans that had turned up to watch one of India’s most popular & respected chef in action.

Sanjeev Kapoor at Sleek Kitchen

As part of the visit, Sleek Kitchen ran a contest where they asked consumers to submit their recipes. The winning recipes would get to cook with Sanjeev Kapoor! The catch was that the recipe had to contain the ingredient ‘Channa.’ After a careful selection process, the winners were announced.

At the Powai and Phoenix Market City showrooms, Sanjeev Kapoor took the time out to interact with many of the people who had turned up and the proceeded to cook the winning recipes with the contest winners.



The winning recipe is shown below. Doesn’t that look delicious?



Trendy Kitchen Looks in 2015

The year 2015 is seeing some impressive and worthwhile interior designs trending for kitchens. This might just be the perfect year to undertake the remodeling project of your kitchen. There are a number of stylish designs out there that can take the look of your kitchen and consequently your home up by several notches.

Sleek modular kitchen has introduced some amazing designs that are a treat to the eyes and perform exceptionally well when it comes to storage efficiency. Here are some of the latest trends that seem to have taken over the design world and kitchens of many homes.

  • One of the many trends of 2015 that is gaining popularity is the kitchen with furniture elements. It is an attempt to make kitchens more social and interactive places rather than just areas used for cooking.
  • Open shelves have also made their way to the top trends of this year. Not only do they make the kitchen look more spacious but also offer convenience in fetching the items placed on them. Get open cabinets in bright and contrasting colors for your Sleek kitchen to maximize space and storage both.
  • Say hello to interesting walls full of stunning designs to complement the furniture in your kitchen. More and more people are opting for wallpapers with eye-catching designs rather than solid shades of wall paint. This trend seems to be dominating many kitchens.
  • Another trend that seems to be a popular one in 2015 is the combination of modern and traditional styles. Such décor aims to strike a balance between warm and homely decor and impressive visual elements.  One can easily achieve this look by combining different materials that previously belonged in separate style categories, like using wood with marble or steel with wood.
  • The ceilings were always overlooked when it came to kitchens but not this year. There are some really impressive designs trending for ceilings by Sleek modular kitchens that can make you ‘look up’ with awe. LED lights and other lighting fixtures are being used extensively to ensure kitchens are well-lit for functionality and mood lighting as well.
  • Another trend that seems to be dominating kitchens this year is having tactile and textural surfaces. Marble and granite create the raw finishes that add warm vibes to kitchens.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started on remodeling your old kitchen or designing your perfect and trendy new Sleek kitchen. Browse through these and many of the other important designs that are ruling 2015 to get the right look for your kitchen.


Modular Kitchen, the Best Choice for your House

Modular kitchens are pre-manufactured pieces that are assembled at your place to form a kitchen. Laminate, granite, acrylic, plywood, etc. are the different materials used for the kitchen. A modular kitchen beautifies the look of your house. Depending on the space and budget, you may choose the best suitable model for you.

Modular kitchens have more advantages than normal kitchens. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Installing a modular kitchen is very simple and does not require much time or rigorous construction work.
  • Modular kitchens offer convenience during any repair work. In case a single compartment is damaged, it may be easily replaced without affecting any other section of the kitchen. Modular kitchens also offer longevity when a good quality material is used.
  • Modular kitchens are deep and thus offer extra space to place electrical appliances or other kitchen utilities. Space management and planning is done well in modular kitchens. The extra storage space makes your kitchen appear neat and clutter-free.
  • The modular kitchen is designed in a way that even tough stains may be wiped off effortlessly. This eases your cleaning task.
  • Additional functions such as exhaust hoods and chimneys are also taken care of while designing modular kitchen.
  • Modular kitchens come in trendy designs and alluring appearances, eliminating the need for you to spend your time, money and energy on decor. Straight line cuts, modern contemporary finishes and varied types of designs are some that come with the modular kitchens. With the help of innumerable patterns offered, you may easily make your kitchen most attractive and unique. You will get many such elegant options with the Sleek Kitchen.
  • With modular kitchens, you also get an option to personalize your kitchen as per your taste so that it complements your house. Besides, you enjoy the liberty of designing your own kitchen.

Modular kitchens provide a variety of features that the traditional kitchens fail to offer. To enjoy so many privileges, get a modular kitchen installed for your house. Opt for Sleek Modular Kitchen to get the best options.


Kitchen of the Month

The conventional approach of treating kitchens as separate and independent spaces in Indian homes is being replaced by the modern trend of creating unified living spaces that encompass the kitchen as well. This is why our Kitchen of the Month for May utilizes Glorious Glass on the wall to create an integrated and unified feel between the kitchen and the living space.

To avoid a garish and overly-bright look, the Glorious Glass on the walls is balanced with Acry Ply material for the base and the tall cabinets. The understated feel ensures the kitchen sports a unique feel without seeming completely disconnected from the rest of the home.

Kitchen of the Moth

The triangular design pattern is put into good effect in this Sleek modular kitchen. The cooking and washing space is complemented with a kitchen island for preparing dishes and serving the cooked food while the storage space and appliances form the final component of the triangle. The long countertop ensures adequate space between the cooking and washing area. The design creates a sense of space without disrupting the flow of the cooking process.

The extra clear glass creates a bright and white finish in the entire kitchen. To balance this effect, the base and tall cabinets sport a sober café color finish. The dull luster of the cabinets acquire a gleam due to the utilization of glass, which ensures the energetic and vibrant feel of the kitchen does not get toned down.

Apart from the island preparation counter, the Sleek Kitchen includes added features like a two-height wall cabinets for maximum storage space and a half-tall unit for additional storage along with placement of all appliances and accessories. The Island provides extra space for preparations, and can also be used as functional dining space for quick and cozy meals. These features ensure the stylishly-designed kitchen is equipped to handle a vast array of preparations involved in creating the perfect Indian meal.

The minimalistic finish of the kitchen is accentuated by the use of wall cabinets with tip-on mechanism that facilitates easy access without ugly handles protruding from doors. A quick push is more than enough to grab the ingredients stored in the shelves in a jiffy.   The Gola profile creates the perfect handle-less look for the cabinets mounted on the walls as well as shelves placed under the countertop.

This Sleek kitchen review marks the growing realization that the kitchen can remain functionally independent even as it is integrated into the overall aesthetic design and theme of the living space in the home.