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Sleek offers complete kitchen design solutions along with modern kitchen components such as kitchen accessories, shutters, appliances, hardware and sinks. It provides with factory-fitted modular kitchens with perfect finish and excellent quality. Today, Sleek modular kitchen’s main aim is increased customer satisfaction, both in terms of quality and craftsmanship

This page is for users of Sleek modular kitchen to post reviews, user experiences, grievances (if any) and also provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. We welcome any feedback you may have about our products or services. Please reach out to us on the following numbers for enquiries and to avail our services:

HELPLINE NO.: 02261075400/01 / 1800 2120 200 / 022-64527616

KITCHEN ENQUIRY: 1800 2120 200 / 022-64527616 KITCHEN SERVICE: 9324569987

APPLIANCES SERVICE NO.: 1800 2120 500 / 8879616406 / 7506240646
(Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 6.00pm) & (Saturday – 9.00am to 3.00pm)


 Why is Modular Kitchen Better?

The various components of a modular kitchen are designed to let you utilize the available space wisely to create maximum storage area. They ensure a hassle free cooking experience as it helps you locate the kitchen supplies and paraphernalia without any trouble.

What Gives Sleek an Edge over the Others?

Sleek has been one of the first manufacturers to introduce modular kitchen to India.  It brings experience, insights and innovativeness to the table with its high quality modular kitchens. We have a team of over 100 design specialists who strive to provide you 100% customer satisfaction. Each of our customers has given a positive Sleek kitchen review.

How Do I Get a Sleek Modular Kitchen?

Visit your nearest Sleek showrooms to know more about our range of modular kitchen. You can browse through our catalogues to pick the Sleek kitchen design you like.

What is the Next Step after Choosing a Sleek Modular Kitchen Design?

Once you have decided on a specific design, we send our senior design specialist for an on site visit to your home. The specialist will check your kitchen and give you an estimate of the cost. This visit is chargeable. The insights from our experts are highly crucial for you to make an informed choice.

If you decide to go ahead and get Sleek modular kitchen, our design specialist will create the final design.

The cost incurred for the on site visit is later adjusted in the rest of the payment.

What is the Timeframe to Manufacture the Kitchen?

It does not take more than 40 days to make your Sleek modular kitchen once the final design is approved by the design supervisor.

How Do I Know That My Dealer is Providing me with Original Sleek Products?

First step to check if your local dealer is authorized by us to provide Sleek products. Other than that, you can also check for the Sleek hologram which is etched on all our products.

Is there Any Kind of Warranty for the Sleek Channels?

There is a one year warranty on the Telescopic Channels (in mild steel) with black powder coating and a 5 year warranty for the Nova Pro Channels (soft-closing channels in 40 kg and 70 kg load bearing variations).

Does Sleek Provide Any Maintenance Service? 

Sleek provides warranties on all its products and offers regular maintenance service to keep your modular kitchen in the best condition.

Does Sleek Manufacture Modular Kitchens for Commercial Establishments?

No, Sleek specializes only in modular kitchens and its accessories for residential spaces.

Member Reviews

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8 thoughts on “Post your Sleek kitchen review!

  1. The sleek kitchen world salesgirl Sheelu is so professional, that unless u have a minimum lac rupees to commit, they won’t do a site visit. They won’t attend to me properly now for renovation. Not even given me dimension or costing super cabinet. Totally money minded. Very arrogant. Almost made me cry. When I make my new kitchen in a new house, I’ll never consider them.
    They made me feel so bad.

  2. My Sleek kitchen review is as follows –

    Visited the showroom in Navi Mumbai. Had a great experience there. As far as I could tell, the stuff seemed to be very high quality… would not hesitate to buy a modular kitchen manufactured by Sleek Kitchen. As it is, I have heard several nice things about Sleek’s stuff…

  3. I was planning to get a modular kitchen for quite some time and as a result, I went shopping for major brands. while most of them are expensive, Sleek Modular kitchen is very well priced. I visited the Sleek Modular Kitchen Store in Bangalore and the staff helped me through the options and designs available. There are so many materials and textures to choose from! I finalized my design and the designers gave me an beautiful artistic rendition. The installation was a little longer than expected but overall my experience with Sleek Kitchens is positive.

  4. I got a sleek modular kitchen installed a few months ago and my take on it is that they are professionals in every respect! The modular kitchen designer was aware of the restricted space in my kitchen and resolved it with innovative solutions to effectively use the tiny spaces!

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